October 13, 2019

Your Story

You are a story. You were born into a story, a family saga that predates your existence. You are an individual, but you’re also part of a greater whole, a family tree that extends its roots into the savannas of Africa.

You are a character, major or minor, in a long-running play, and you have inherited all that’s come before you. Your DNA is rich with information. Your body holds secrets and clues which are accessible through intuition and by reaching imaginatively into the past.

You create your memories. You use your imagination to make stories out of fragments of what you remember. Your stories take the place of what really happened, meaning that how you remember things is really more important than what really happened.

Your story reveals what you believe about your own genesis, what you’ve imagined to explain how you came into the world and how you are in the world.

Your story creates your reality, but it’s not always real. It’s your interpretation of the truth, filtered through your perceptions, expectations, hopes and fears. Sometimes your story works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

If it doesn’t, how can you change it?

Change your antagonist – Maybe it’s a person, a condition, a situation or something inside. You may not be able to make it disappear but you can probably change the role it plays.

Change your theme – You’ve created your theme. Instead of your storyline being, “I had a difficult childhood,” maybe it could be “I’ve overcome many challenges.”

Change your location – You don’t have to move across the world, or even across the country, to alter your story. Instead, change things like your mindset.

Change the characters – Which people occupy the most space in your story? What is their influence on you? Switching up your supporting cast or changing how you interact with them can change your story.

Change your genre – Do you see your life as action? Comedy? Tragedy? If you’re tired of drama, for example, look through the prism of another genre.

Remember, you are the storyteller, not the story. You can craft it any way you want.