December 30, 2018

Things I Won’t Do in 2019

The clock strikes midnight and ABRACADABRA! It’s 2019, the year I’ll resolve to live my best life ever, the year I’m going to fulfill all my aspirations. NOT!

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. They create too much pressure. Still, social conditioning makes me feel like I should make some: be kinder, get in the best shape of my life, use less plastic, stop eating meat, and buy secondhand.

Given my conflicting feelings, I pondered the situation and made a decision: I will make some New Year’s resolutions, but instead of making ones that center around all the things I WILL do in 2019, I’m going to focus on the things I WON’T do.

Why? Because I think many of us try to do too much, be too much, and expect too much, especially of ourselves.

So here’s my list: Things I Won’t Do in 2019.

1. I won’t put other people’s contentment before my own.  As much as I want people to be happy, it’s not my job to ensure they are.

2. I won’t mope about hips, thighs and belly rolls. I’m healthy. And I’m so damn thankful!

3. I won’t allow things that aren’t a priority to take time away from things that are. (Translation: less work – more reading and writing)

4. I won’t jump from one bright new idea to the next. I have two goals: finish the draft manuscript of my memoir and exercise on a regular basis.

5. I won’t hold grudges. It just prolongs the pain. Let it go, let it go, LET IT GO!

6. I won’t expect perfection. Good is generally good enough, and for that matter, sometimes half-assed is just fine too.

7. I won’t do things for other people that they are capable of doing themselves. (I’ll continue to lend a hand when it’s needed.)

8. I won’t complain about situations that I have the power to change but choose not to for whatever reason.

9. I won’t miss out on doing silly things because I’m afraid of what others will think. (Translation: I’ll be sporting some wild fingernails this year.)

10. I won’t judge myself when I fail at any of the above (except the fingernails).

Bonus resolution: I won’t use so many parentheses in my blog posts. (Scratch that. Not possible.)

Happy New Year to you, dear reader. I hope that whatever you WON’T do in 2019 leads to one of your best years yet!