My name is Heather Séguin. By day, I’m a director in Human Resources. By night, I’m an avid reader and writer. My day job pays the bills; my reading and writing give me purpose. My credentials include two bachelor’s degrees (a BA and a BEd), a Certificate of Applied Spiritual Counselling, a Certificate in Thanatology (the study of death, dying and bereavement), a Certificate in Introductory Nutrition, and a whole lot of life experience.

Why Thymewood? When I was young, my family owned a gift shop by that name.  I loved to spend time there, and even today, I have many good memories of “the shop.” The name Thymewood has deeper meaning for me as well. In a spiritual or symbolic sense, thyme represents health, healing, psychic powers, love, purification and courage. The symbolic Tree of Life (wood) is a mystical tree known throughout many cultures to represent our earthly and spiritual connections. So Thymewood is a sacred name for me.

With this site, I’m going more “public” with my interests in the hope that something I write might touch someone, somewhere. Thank you for joining me!

(Thank you to Robert for developing and hosting my site.)